Conference Presentations


February 5-7th International Workshop on How to Integrate Geochemistry at Affordable Costs Into Reactive Transport for Large-Scale Systems, Dresden, Germany:

  • Hammond, G.E. and Lichtner, P.C. (2020) Bounding Computation and Complexity for Reactive Transport on Supercomputers:  A Perspective from Nuclear Waste Repository Performance Assessment SAND2020-1056 PE
  • Mariner, P., Debusschere, B.J., Hammond, G.E., Seidl, D.T., Swiler, L.P., and Vo, J. (2020) Surrogate Modeling of Spatially Heterogeneous Source Terms for Probabilistic Assessment of Repository Performance. SAND2020-0963 C

November 5th DECOVALEX Symposium 2019, Brugg, Switzerland:

  • Mariner, P.E., Debusschere, B.J., Jerden, J., Seidl, D.T., Swiler, L.P., and Vo, J. (2019), Lessons Learned in the Development of Source Term Surrogate Models for Repository Performance Assessment SAND2019-13375 C
  • LaForce, T., Stein, E.R., Sevougian, S.D., Hammond, G.E., Park, H., and Chang, K.W (2019) Thermal-Hydrologic Design Constraints for the Disposal of High-Heat Waste Packages in a Deep Geologic Repository SAND2019-13001 C
  • Nole, M., Chang, K.W., Stein, E.R., Sevougian, S.D., Zheng, L., and Rutqvist, J. (2019), Integrating Near-Field THMC Processes Into Field-Scale THC Simulations for Nuclear Waste Repository Performance Assessment SAND2019-13003 C

November 7th International SA-UQ Workshop 2019, GRS Offices, Berlin, Germany:

  • Mariner, P.E., Basurto, E., Brooks, D.M., Stein, E.R., and Swiler, L.P. (2019), A Study of Epistemic and Spatial Aleatory Uncertainties on Crystalline Repository Performance SAND2019-13399 PE


March 18-22nd WM 2018 Conference, Phoenix, AZ:

  • Stein E.R., Mariner, P.E., Frederick, J.M., Sevougian, S.D., and Hammond, G.E. (2018), Performance Assessment of a Generic Nuclear Waste Repository in Shale- 18392 SAND2018-0113 C

October 10th, 11th Integration Group for the Safety Case (IGSC) Symposium 2018, Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

October 30th Interagency Performance & Risk Assessment Community of Practice Annual Technical Exchange, Aiken, SC:

  • Stein, E.R., Swiler, L.P., and Sevougian, S.D. (2018), Comparison of Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis Methods Applied to a 3-D Reference Case Performance Assessment Dataset from GDSA Framework SAND2018-12331 C


September 5-7th 8th U.S./German Workshop on Salt Repository Research, Design, and Operation, Middelburg, The Netherlands:

September 10-15th 16th International Conference on the Chemistry and Migration Behaviour of Actinides and Fission Products in the Geosphere (MIGRATION2017), Barcelona, Spain:

September 11-14th SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in Geosciences 2017, Erlangen, Germany:

December 11-15th 2017 Fall Meeting, AGU, New Orleans, LA:


December 12-16th 2016 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA:


December 14-18th 2015 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA:

  • Stein, E.R., Hammond, G.E., Freeze, G.A., and Hadgu, T. (2015), Numerical Modeling of Deep Borehole Disposal Performance, Abstract H11B-1329 SAND2015-10786 C

Collaborators include members of the following organizations and laboratories:

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