A Geologic Repository Modeling and Assessment Capability

Welcome to GDSA Framework

GDSA Framework (Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment Framework) is an open-source software toolkit for probabilistic performance assessment of deep geologic repositories for nuclear waste.  GDSA Framework simulates the coupled processes affecting radionuclide mobilization and transport in deep geologic repositories and performs forward propagation of uncertainties to evaluate confidence in performance measures. Performance assessment ensures that repository systems meet safety standards and is a required component of repository licensing. GDSA Framework has been applied to generic repository concepts in salt, argillite, and crystalline rock, as well as deep borehole disposal concepts.

GDSA Framework will run on your laptop or on a super computer. PFLOTRAN, a massively parallel multiphase flow and reactive transport code, is the multi-physics simulation engine. Dakota analysis software provides a flexible, extensible interface between the simulator and sophisticated uncertainty and sensitivity analysis tools.

GDSA Framework is the product of an ongoing collaborative effort led by Sandia National Laboratories. If you or your organization would like to contribute to GDSA Framework capability, host or attend a PFLOTRAN short course, or be added to our mailing list, please click Contact Us.

Collaborators include members of the following organizations and laboratories:

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