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GDSA Framework (Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment Framework) is an open-source performance assessment tool for deep underground disposal of nuclear waste. Its availability and continuing development owes to an ongoing collaborative effort led by Sandia National Laboratories. Collaborators to date include members of the following organizations and laboratories: PFLOTRAN.org, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

Deep geologic disposal options for nuclear waste include mined repository concepts in salt, argillite, and crystalline rock and deep borehole disposal in crystalline rock. GDSA Framework uses PFLOTRAN, CUBIT, and Dakota software. PFLOTRAN is a thermal-hydrologic-chemical (THC) multi-physics code for simulating the transport of fluids and heat in porous and/or fractured media. CUBIT is a finite element mesh generator. Dakota is an interface for generating probabilistic input sets and conducting sensitivity analyses.

This website is meant to showcase GDSA Framework, share its capabilities with the geologic disposal system performance assessment modeling community, and facilitate additional development of GDSA Framework through collaboration. If you or your organization would like to collaborate in this effort or be added to our listserv, please contact us.  [SAND2017-5215W]

Technical Reports and Publications

Browse the technical reports, conference abstracts, and conference papers that have been published on the Generic Disposal Systems Analysis group using GDSA Framework.

GDSA Framework Software

GDSA Framework uses PFLOTRAN as the simulation engine, CUBIT as the grid generator, and DAKOTA for parameter uncertainty and sensitivity analysis.

Granite Repository Simulation

Salt Repository Simulation